American Style Fridge Freezers

American Style Fridge Freezers

Buying American style fridge freezers is not an easy undertaking, particularly with so much choice in the stores and online today. As with all things the best way is by word of mouth and this website is just that. It aspires to help you step by step through the process of buying your first side-by-side two, three or even four door fridge freezer.

American style fridge freezers are a first-rate space saving option and their aesthetically pleasing qualities will make yours the focal point of your kitchen. When determining the size of your appliance, there are several things you will need to consider. Then there are decisions to be made about energy efficiency, storage capacity, water and ice dispensers and style and colour.

A Selection of the Best Selling American Style Fridge Freezers

Add to this all the new innovative features that you find in today’s American style fridge freezers such as home bars, fast cool and freeze, frost freeze, built in antibacterial protection and digital displays it’s easy to see how time consuming choosing the perfect appliance for your needs may be.

How this website helps you choose the best appliance for your needs

The comprehensive buying guide deals with all the topics above and more. It will prompt you to ask the right questions before you go to the store, and will ensure you make an informed decision and know exactly how to proceed, once you get there. We understand that shopping for American style fridge freezers can seem like a minefield to the initiated, which is why you will find our top fourteen online fridge freezer stores reviewed.

These include Laskys, Currys, Argos, Boots Kitchen Appliances, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s Kitchen Appliances, Electric Shop, 24 Electric, Amazon, Comet, Dixons, Pixmania, Kitchen Science and Tesco Direct. These are comprehensive reviews that leave you in no doubt as to where everything is located on each website and take you step by step through each individual buying process.

You may already have a favourite brand that you have stuck to religiously when buying fridge freezers over the years, but here you will find we have comprehensively reviewed sixteen brands and the special innovative features that they have to offer in their various models. These include Whirlpool, LG, Daewoo, Samsung, Beko, Brita, LEC, Electrolux, AEG, Baumatic, Siemens, Maytag, Stoves, Hotpoint, Rangemaster and SMEG.

Who buys American style fridge freezers?

USA style fridge freezers are great assets for any kitchen. They are convenient, accessible, look amazing and save space. You may even find that they take up less space than your old fridge and freezer appliances, yet hold twice the provisions. People concerned about environmental issues appreciate that most appliances are at least A energy rated, although you can find those rated at A++.

If you are planning a new kitchen, then you will more than likely be looking for a new fridge freezer. If this is the case you will be delighted to learn that many of the main manufacturers of American style fridge freezers also have various models in a coordinating range of cookers, wine coolers, coffee makers, dishwashers and washing machines so that you can mix and match.

The Americans find their kitchens incomplete without one of these massive all in one-storage solutions. Now that they are available here in the UK they are proving to be a godsend for storing the whole weeks shopping in one go. They are a boon to:

  • Busy mothers with large families
  • Career women who don’t have time or inclination to shop
  • Those who love to entertain
  • Animal breeders who need to store a large amount of frozen and fresh meat

So much so, that people say they will never go back and wonder how they ever managed before.

What will I learn by reading the online shop reviews?

The online shops that we have reviewed are the best ones selling American style fridge freezers. This will save you a lot of time as we have carefully chosen them for their excellent pricing, top of the range products and customer service.

In the introduction, you are given a clear description of the website, its layout, the brands it sells, ease of navigation and any other interesting titbits. Next come instructions on how to find the website and how you can see all the particular brands that they sell. We don’t leave anything to chance and even include all the links so that you can click on these to go straight to the page you are interested in.

You will then learn whether the website has a good collection of American style fridge freezers or not and how much information you can expect to find and about what. As many people are often put of buying online because they are think it is difficult or have fears over security issues, we will take you step by step through the buying process on this particular website. Finally a concluding paragraph will serve as a quick reminder and summarises what’s gone before. Those who are already confident shopping online may prefer to go direct to this section to get a quick overview.

What will I learn by reading the brand reviews?

All brand reviews are dealt with in a slightly different way, which is only to be expected when you consider that each brand has something different to offer. For example some will highlight their energy efficiency, whereas with others it may be the strength of the cabinets, choice of colour, long guarantees, style, coordinating range, environmentally friendliness, trendy innovations or the layout inside the compartments. However, whatever strong points each brand boasts you can be sure that we will keep you informed about it and you will probably find a clue in the title.

There is a section on why you may want to buy an American style freezer and one about their main purpose of conserving food. Naturally this is a fact that cannot be disputed, but in this section you will learn about all the special features that this particular brand uses to keep food as fresh as possible for as long as possible. These will include things like fast cool and freeze, antibacterial linings, humidity controls and individual storage compartments.

The following text will tell you all about what makes this particular brand the best and may include information about energy efficiency, child locks, warning lights, environmentally friendliness etc. In fact a whole host of things that could be the deciding factor when it comes to buying American style fridge freezers. The best thing about this website is that when you have read all the information and found the best brand for you individual needs, you then have sixteen shops to check out the best price possible. This really is a “win win” situation and there is no way that you will not be able to find the best appliance at the best price.

To finish

As you read through all the guides, brands and store reviews on this website and in due course visit the store, you will easily deduce that these online stores have an incredible range of American style fridge freezers. The final deciding factor will probably be the size of your wallet, but you will have an enormous choice in styles, colours, innovations and individual layouts. You will be able to narrow the range of appliances down by the price you can afford by using the search facilities that are available on most of the websites.

There is no doubt that USA style fridge freezers are a great resource for any kitchen. They are space saving, accessible and look amazing. People worried about environmental issues can rest assured that most American style fridge freezers are at least A energy rated, but you will be able to find those rated at A+ and A++.

These side by side two, three or four door fridge freezers have come along way since the first refrigerator and offer so much more than a just a space to keep the milk and butter with small ice box facilities. American style fridge freezers are intelligent appliances that will store the whole weeks groceries in one go. Many have up to six individual temperature zones together with humidity drawers to make sure that your provisions are kept at optimum temperatures.

There definitely will be no going back once you have owned one of these and in a short time you really will wonder how you ever managed before. It could be compared with using the sink and an old mangle and then being given an automatic washing machine, but many believe owning an American style fridge freezer goes even beyond this.

We have done all the hard work for you, product, brand and store reviews so that you can’t fail to find what you want. Just make sure you in familiarise yourself with each brand, its range and what it has to offer. Take your time and ask yourself the right questions and you won’t go far wrong.

Why not go to the store now – you will be glad you did.